Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goodnight For Now...

Merry Meet! Peeps,

So I hope you're day has been great so far, mine was quite good, it pretty much consisted of surfing through web and finding out more and more about wicca, then taking a walk through the park which was really good, quite and greenish just as I love it. Decided to go to the library tomorrow and borrow my first ever books about wicca and I'm totally looking forward to that. I've been gathering some cool info for future posts as well as getting myself ready for some of the first steps in my chosen spiritual path.
I was gonna meditate today but as always nothing goes as planned and so yet again I couldn't since my house was full of my cousins (which I didn't really mind as I love them all) and my baby sis was really restless today so I guess tomorrow I'll try and found a quite place to finially relax.

Now below I've included my newest found jewel in the meditation music, I was hopping to listen to this music while meditating today but as you know it didn't work out but still I want to share it with you guys since it's really soothing and soft, a pretty pause to the usual busy life's.

So that's that for today, wish you pretty dreams and a beautiful following morning. See you tomorrow, to let you know what books I got and I may do a quick review on some of them. Love ya guys...

Blessed be! )O(

Vicky xxx

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